Website Overview

This website documents a “Practise Based Research” PhD investigating Performative Interaction and Embodiment on an Augmented Stage. The research has been undertaken by Richard Brown , details of his previous work and background can be found here.

The Practice Research page provides an overview of the research methodology with a subsection to practice research literature and resources.

The Research Blog consists of video, image and text posts describing the practice based research and provides a record of how the research has evolved over time.

The Research Overview provides an overview of the research with additional pages that describes the history and context to the research.

The Kinect section describes how the Microsoft Kinect is used in the PaR and the unencumbered computer/body interaction techniques the technology facilitates with references to software for body motion capture and face tracking.

The Performative Examples comprise a range of contemporary technology based performances that relate to and inform the research, whilst the  Reviews section describes and critiques a number of performances I have seen.

The Research Writing provides links to a number of essays and draft works in progress.

The research is based in the Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University and the  Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training.

Performative Interaction and Embodiment on an Augmented Stage