Performative Examples

Projection Mapping (Pop Promo)

Live Performance

Wife, The Grey Ones, appearing at Frequency, Lincoln 18-26th October 2013:


Theatrical Productions

Innovative Canadian production company
La Belle et la Bete (2011)

Augmented Pinocchio (June 2013)
a collaboration with Software Architecture laboratory

Dance (there is a plethora! – see

Ballet: Mr & Mme Reve (Mr & Mrs Dream) 2013-2014:

Collaboration between industrial 3D productions company Dassault Systeme and Pietragalla and Derouault dance company.

Responsive back projection (2011)

Troika Ranch
“The name Troika Ranch refers to its founders’ creative methodology, which involves a hybrid of three artistic disciplines, dance/theater/media (the Troika), in cooperative artistic interaction (the Ranch). Troika Ranch produces and supports art that values live interaction – between viewer and viewed, performer and image, movement and sound, people and technology.”

Dance and Body Projection
D.A.V.E. (1998-2000) Digital Amplified Video Engine by Klaus Obermaier
Dancer moving synchronously to pre-rcorded projected video – low tech and effective.

Latest production Apparition by Klaus Obermaier and Ars Electronica (2004-ongoing)

From the Creators Project, “Inside a cube fashioned from translucent veils, a dancer takes a visual journey into a 3D space between dreams and reality. Hakanaï is a digital solo performance from Adrien M / Claire B that made its debut at BAM’s Fishman Theatre on March 17, 2015.”


Live Facial Projection Mapping (October 2015)

Performative Interaction and Embodiment on an Augmented Stage