Centre for Doctoral Training

This research has been carried out at the Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training, based in the Mixed Reality Lab in the department of Computer Science at Nottingham University.

The funded PhD course is four years in length, with the first year being spent preparing for the PhD and undertaking a series of modules designed to provide knowledge on the digital economy. The PhD began in earnest after submitting a PhD Proposal  at the end of the first year (December 2011).

In addition to the set CDT modules, I chose to undertake two Art History modules – Futurism and the History of Performance.  I also attended an optional series of lectures on Philosophy and Critical Theory. The resulting knowledge I gained has proved to be extremely useful in formulating many of my ideas and providing a critical and historical context for the research.

The influence of these undertakings can be seen in the three coursework essays I wrote during the first year:

Dialectics and Technology –  A critical examination of the impact of technology on society with reference to Adorno and dialectics.

Futurist conceptions of space and time – Futurist connections between science, art and mysticism.

Documenting Performance –  Liveness, authenticity, presence and aura in relationship to the technology used in documenting and displaying live performance art.


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Performative Interaction and Embodiment on an Augmented Stage