My name is Richard Brown and my first degree was in Computers and Cybernetics (1977). I have worked in the traditional computing industry (ICL), the development of computer based training using interactive video (Lloyds Bank, IBM) and as a director of the experimental multiscreen production company Robodevco (1985). In 1987 I initiated the creative partnership i.E (interactive environments) with Richard Land where we created the interactive installations The Tunnel (1987), The Mirror (1988) and produced animated graphic sequences for Coldcut and the BBC.

In 1993 I undertook an MA in Fine Art, then worked as a Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art, creating the interactive installations Alembic (1997), Biotica (1999) and the Neural Net Starfish (Millennium Dome 2000). In 2002 I was invited to be Artist in Residence at the Victoria College of Arts, Melbourne, Australia and in 2005, Artist in Residence and Honorary Fellow at Edinburgh School of Informatics where I produced a number of exhibitions including Maverick Machines and PaskPresent inspired by the work of English Cybernetician Gordon Pask. In 2008 I successfully patented an interactive lighting design and subsequently produced and exhibited a number of lighting designs based on the patent.

Documentation of artworks can be found at and lighting designs at

I am currently a PhD student at the Nottingham Horizon DTC and based in the Mixed Reality Lab..



Performative Interaction and Embodiment on an Augmented Stage